Producer / Presenter: Deon Wallace

Photography, dee-jaying, music and sport all grab Deon’s attention when he’s not working as an IT professional. Family life is rich and busy with wife Shireen working behind the scenes on the radio show and two daughters who are students and sometime presenters. Deon loves cooking and developing entertainment events for the South African community.

Presenter: Sheri-Dean Wallace

A student of dance, Sheri–Dean is aiming to use her training for performance and teaching. She loves to dance and watch television. She’s interested in the well-being of her community and brings a youth perspective to the radio show with music, interviews and discussions about the things affecting young people.

Presenter: Erin Wallace

Erin is picking up her dad’s talent for DJing and likes to add music to the programme.

She is a student with plans to do Business studies and ultimately be the first woman President of South Africa, Erin meantime loves to spend time with friends, eat, take and post selfies.

Presenter: Shireen Wallace

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. I have lived in New Zealand for the last 15 years.  All our family is still in Cape Town, South Africa and only Deon, myself and our two girls, are in New Zealand. I love to read. I believe that family comes first. We should try to make a difference by being kind to one another.

Pradeep Kumar

Born and raised in Durban South Africa – Raised by conservative parents – Found my calling in engineering and working with my hands – Relocated to NZ with an idea and a dream to build a beter life for myself and my family. 7yrs later I’m well on that road – Love travelling, have been to China, France, Germany, Australia, and Egypt, skies the limit – Now run my own Engineering and maintenance Company – In my spare time I love to watch movies and hiking – I joined South Africa NZ Live radio, to give back to the South African Community and the wider NZ Community in general.

Presenter: Roxy Van Rooy

I have a daughter, Savannah who means the world to me. I work in the Travel and Tourism trade. Family and Family Life is number one. Hobbies include Nourishing the Youth in the Catholic Faith, baking, travelling, cooking, eating and being a taxi driver for Savannah I am the longest running member of the South Africa NZ Live Team.

Presenter: Andre Adams

Born & raised in Cape Town, South Africa I have been to New Zealand on a few occasions to visit my mum, and then decided to settle here with my wife. I am a devoted Christian with strong family values & principles. I enjoy old school music, lekker home-cooked food, a good cup of coffee and dote on my family. I get great pleasure in playing with my daughter and spending quality time with my family.

Presenter: Kelly Adams

I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and have been in New Zealand for almost three years now. Blessed to be in the roles of a wife and first-time mum. I love spending time with my family & friends, listening to music, having a ‘lekker’ laugh and Braaiing in summer. Helping your neighbour and fellow man should be second nature, and I believe that every little bit helps.


South Africa NZ Live Charitable Trust (Registered Trust CC55039)

South Africa NZ live radio was founded in April 2011. The radio time slot is owned and operated by volunteer radio hosts who have a passion for introducing South African Culture to New Zealanders and vice versa.

South Africa NZ Live Radio is a community based radio slot broadcasting every Saturday night on the network of Planet.FM 104.6.

The focus of the radio slot is to mainly play music, popular amongst South Africans that can also be enjoyed by others, bringing South Africans together through community events, community notices, broadcasting messages for loved ones and fundraisers for the community. The two hour radio slot was started because of the absence of a voice for the South African community in New Zealand.

The radio is funded by the owner’s in conjunction with fundraisers and sponsors within the community.


Our listenership continues to grow in New Zealand, we alsp have a growing listenership outside of New Zealand. Our centres of gravity are Australia, South Africa USA, UK and UAE


We have participated, sponsored and funded the following events:

  • Bi-annual South Africa NZ Live Radio BRAAI DAY
  • Secret Santa Shoebox Appeal – 1300 shoeboxes collected (charity)
  • Toy4Joy and Comfort Campaigns Car show
  • Christmas Lunch for Auckland City Mission
  • Brunch for Waitakere Hospital (Children’s Ward)
  • Club Night fundraiser

As a community organisation we were a support group for our people after the passing of NELSON MANDELA. We interviewed our community to get their feelings around this matter as expats South Africans in New Zealand.

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