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Written by on September 19, 2017

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This week’s #chopontheblock features announcer, producer, South African ex-pat & ‘head of ops’ – Deon Wallace, whose music interest started as a young man singing in the church choir.

Deon’s first window into broadcasting started after appearing on a broadcast show, with the previous owners of SANZ live radio, and he thereafter jumped at the opportunity to become part of the group of volunteers, working for SANZ live radio from 7th December 2013. In 2015 he and his wife, Shireen took over the radio broadcast, when the previous owners moved to Australia.
Armed with a simple passion for having a “community minded radio relevant to the needs of South Africans – bringing the South African culture to the wider New Zealand community with information, music and events”, the radio station has grown to being a “socially conscious” platform.
The radio station has had a see-saw of ups – “in having a family and support team that has the same vision“ ; and downs being “the lack of community & financial support” and also “ having to overcome the division of South Africans, who have moved to a new country, but the Attitudes have not changed.”

When asked about the radio business’ success, Deon replied: “I don’t think of the business as a success, but as growing evolving organism; in my opinion, when you see your organization as a success, you stop wanting to grow.”
Being a veritable family man, Deon draws inspiration from his role models – his Mom, for “her gentle nature & the staying power, and letting nothing get her down “ and Nelson Mandela for “his selflessness and humanism”.
When on a break, Deon enjoys cooking, & listening to the music of “Pink” & “Luther van Dross”.
SANZ live radio has come into its own, as being an international platform for South African Artists & Music. Deon wants “everyone in the world to hear it and appreciate the work that has gone into bringing that piece of gold to fruition”. “I want to give them the opportunity to grow & challenge the American & British music market, because I think we are better than them at telling stories”. #SAMUSICROCKS
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