We are immigrants from South Africa, living in New Zealand since 2000. We’ve been through the highs and lows of moving to New Zealand, understanding the Kiwi way of life and making New Zealand our home. We understand the pitfalls, the longing for that African heartbeat and what it takes to make the journey to New Zealand a little less stressful.


We have 17 years of work experience in IT&T, Local Government, Banking and Aviation, in areas such as business process re-engineering, relationship management, IT recruitment, corporate resolution centres and ITIL financial management. This work experience has provided a solid understanding of the New Zealand work culture and what it takes to make a successful transition into the New Zealand work environment.


Our focus is on the JOURNEY you will have to undergo from the time you make the decision to immigrate, right up to receiving your resident visa. We are here to provide you with the information you will need to put you on the front-foot from the onset.


A2 NZ focuses on being Open, Honest and Transparent.

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Rand Reunite

Rudi started his career in New Zealand by joining the HIFX group of companies where he became one of the most successful Business Development Managers over a four-year period.


Rudi still provides his clients with Foreign currency services expertly done by HIFX & Currency Online. He prides himself in offering practical, swift and cost effective solutions to South Africans wanting to be re-united with their rands!


Rudi has been based in Auckland for over 4 years and is a frequent traveller throughout the world where he promotes the business globally.

The Rand Group’s mission – Many South African citizens have left their country, and billions of Rands have remained behind. The Rand Group will take care of all the bureaucracy to reunite you with your funds. South Africans are now able to access their retirement annuities and other investments without any age limit. The Rand Group will arrange your tax clearance, opening of blocked account and deal with all the bureaucracy necessary to release your funds.

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